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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Candelabra. Fantastic idea from Sawdust and Paperscraps!

I just had to share a few pics of a Candelabra I made! I was inspired by Sandra over at http://www.sawdustandpaperscraps.blogspot.com/
She has SUCH great ideas! I am in the middle of making two more of her ideas so far.... but for now, here's my version of the "Candelabra"
(Also this is in NO way a tutorial!..In fact I actually kind of stink at "tutorials". I'm AWESOME at taking before and after pics, but as far as "process" pics...Not so much! I get too into the project and getting it done to remember to take pics of the "process"...(I'm working on it though) For a FULL tutorial of this project please look at the link above! Thanks

So I already had this old Vintage floor lamp....

I also found an old lamp my husband's mom no longer used, out in their barn!...
I took out all the wiring, and all the inside rods....and was left with pieces to spray paint.
Here is the garbage pile of unused parts....
Now here is where my "process" pictures are non existent....basically I spray painted all the pieces in a gloss black....and I had to find an old chandelier to use as my top piece (goodwill $5.00)... and also had to purchase a long threaded rod (hardware store $4.00) so that I could attach all the pieces together and tighten them down. But here is the finished product!
Also adding beading around the bottom portion of the chandelier....fun effect! (had to spray paint the beading in gloss black to match)... and I don't know about you, and your spray painting skills...but spraying this beading is what took most of my spray paint....I suppose it was all the little nooks and cranny's of the beading? If you can find beading that is already black....buy it! :)
All in all, a beautiful project for a small amout of money (less than $10.00)!!!! Looks like a million bucks! thanks Sandra for you awesome ideas!


  1. Awesome! I'm having a Halloween linky party this weekend. I hope you'll come and link up. It's fantastic. Not to mention I just love that inspiration piece. hehehheee

  2. Love this.. So cute.. head on over to our site for any new recipes or if you want your item to be featured

  3. Great job creating your own! I fell in love w/ Sandra's too and have been searching at thrift stores for the past 2 weeks now! Hoping to find something that will work. I really want to make one!

  4. I love it! Scary and cute at the same time!!